About us

Whether a large corporation, research group or other institutions, we know that the needs and difficulties of each client are different, and therefore we seek to provide unique and exclusive solutions.

Always up-to-date, Exaflop strives for excellence in providing services aimed for High Performance Computing (HPC) and expert technical support.

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  • Jairo Panetta – PhD in Computer Sciences (Purdue University/EUA)
    • Email: jairo.panetta@exaflop.com.br
  • Pedro Pais Lopes –  B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences with a Master Degree in Computer Sciences (IME/USP)
    • Email: pedro.lopes@exaflop.com.br
  • Simone Shizue Tomita – B.S. in Scientific Computing with a Master Degree in Computer Sciences (LAC/INPE)
    • Email: simone.tomita@exaflop.com.br