Exaflop Sistemas has its focus in providing technical support and high-end services related to High Performance Computing – HPC. Whether a sequential program that should be parallelized, a high-performance equipment to be specified, or planning the implementation of an operational numerical model, Exaflop Sistemas is able to help you.

Our services involved the various steps to improve the performance of your application. Here are some of them:

  • specification and monitoring clusters equipments
  • installation of operating system, compilers and libraries
  • converting old code languages ​​to newer standards (Fortran 77 to Fortran 95/2003 for example)
  • recoding and code refactoring
  • installation of numerical models in the fields of meteorology, oceanography, CFD, hydrology, geo-statistics, etc.
  • parallelization of codes through MPI library
  • treatment and programing using shared memory libraries like OpenMP
  • acceleration of loops, using GPUs or other similar accelerators through CUDA, OpenACC and OpenMP4.0
  • memory-leakage analysis, bottlenecks, hotspots, among other performance profiler
  • vectorization and optimization
  • specialized technical support contracts in HPC, with SLA and 24 hour monitoring
  • project management in HPC

Our goal is to provide the customer with a comprehensive analysis of your problem, always striving for excellence in service delivery and adding performance to its application.